Alm Products

At the Schnitzhof chalet, whitch includes a dairy, we make homemade products according to the traditional recipes. You can taste our products at the chalet, where we have a small tavern. These products are also served as a breakfast for our guests - more in Accomodation


Sýr / Cheese / KäseHomemade cheese

Several types of tradicional cheese are made in our diary. Local speciality is a soft cheese pickled in oil and garlic, which offers a refresment after a mountain hike. We'd be pleased to offer you a taste of folowing cheese:



  • Mountain cheese
  • Schnitkäse - a soft cheese to butter up
  • Beer cheese
  • Wichkäse - a cream cheese pickled in oil and garlic

Chléb / Bread / Brot

Homemade bread

A homemade bread is also baked at our chalet. We bake several types of pastry:

  • Butter bread
  • Cheese bread
  • Bacon bread
  • Verhackert

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